Student Workers UK


I'm Roman, a recent Biological Sciences graduate from the University of Southampton, and I've lived in Herne Hill my whole life.


During the holidays between university terms, and indeed in sixth form before that, I have always looked for casual jobs such as garden labour and putting together flat-pack furniture. As well as looking for some pocket money to get me through the holidays, keeping myself busy with such jobs allowed me to maintain a sense of routine throughout the long holiday periods.


Since finishing, I have realised that many people in my situation experience similar struggles, so I have poured my experiences into creating Student Workers UK. This is a platform to connect local hard-working students in need of casual work, with you, local people that have no time to tick off those small nagging jobs weighing down your conscience!


If you have something you need doing,  are a student in need of some casual work, or simply want to find out more, send me an email and I'd love to tell you more about my idea!